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We have smarklamp, taraklamp and alisklamp for sale in this shop. Please click the appropiate
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Video tutorial is an application of interactive program, which need to be installed into Windows System only. Registration is require to unlock the program.

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(Please take note that the word 'circumcision' or smartcircumcision will not appear on the external package. Normally item labeled as 'Plastic clamp' only. Due to spam emails to our site (, our reply to your email may be slow or late. We are sorry such inconvenience.)

We only accept payment via PAYPAL. We can send invoice (PayPal invoice) for fedex or other types of delivery as requested by buyer.

Circumcision Made Easy Interactive audio video tutorial will be available soon.

Size 25mm (XXL) Image


Size 25mm (XXL)
Each Unit of Smartklamp Exp Date : 2020

1 Box of 25mm Image


1 Box of 25mm
Contain 10's unit of 25mm smartklamp Exp Date : 2020